The Green screen photo booth experience explained.

When your looking for a photo booth for your wedding, birthday or corporate event, your going to come across lots of different types of photo booths. In this article we aim to explain in detail what a green screen photo booth experience is.

In simple terms a green screen photo booth is very similar to a traditional booth with a digital twist. Green screen allows your guests to choose a digital background for there photos.

Your imagination is your only limitation.

A green screen photo booth replaces the physical green screen with a digital image. This means essentially you can have any background you can possibly think of. As long as you own the rights or have permission to use the images. It is important to remember copyright does come into play here.

Our green screen package includes 80+ different green screen backgrounds, in addition we also have seasonal backgrounds like our Christmas backgrounds both can be seen via the links below:

Green screen backgrounds

Christmas themed green screen backgrounds

When choosing a photo booth company, its worth asking if they are open to you providing your own digital backgrounds.

As your image (background) is digital it means you can incorporate little extras which can personalise or brand your photos.

Logos/watermarks – can be added to backgrounds which in turn will be on every digital image.

Personalised messages – can be incorporated into the design to make that special someone know you went the extra mile.

Filters/ touch ups – be careful with this one, unless you or the company is skilled in photo shop. With that said even simple tweaks like changing the image to black and white or blurring the image can drastically change the feel.

For more tips, tricks or ideas we wrote an article on “How to get the most of your photo booth hire.”

Pros And Cons to a green screen photo booth.

Having a green screen photo booth as described above can really improve and personalise the experience, however as with anything there are pros and cons.

Each time your guests use the booth its a different experience with the ability to change the background.Lighting is key with a green screen, the photo booth needs to take out the green background and swap it a digital image. Direct flashing lights & lasers from disco/DJ setups can affect the photos.
Personalised with messages, watermarks, logos, filters and touch ups.Green clothing, the closer your guests clothing is to the colour of the backdrop the higher chance they have of being invisible. Think Harry Potter and the magic cape. The good news is bright green is not a very common colour for guests to dress in at parties.
Something for everyone, if your provider has a large selection of backgrounds guests of all ages can find something they will enjoy.Retakes, computers will always be computers and from time to time things can go wrong. This can also happen with a standard photo booth. Sometimes your guests may need to retake a photo as they can come out glittery or part invisible. Nothing a retake can’t fix, but its worth knowing about.
Theme your photo booth, we have requests all the time for specific themes. 007, country and western, 1920’s, super heroes, 60s, 70s, 80s and so on. In addition to the standard selection, a reputable company will also have access to a wider range of backgrounds which can be added upon request. 
Add your own images, one of the best ways to truly personalise the experience.   
Boomerang loops & videos, can also be done via green screen. – this will be dependent on the provider you choose. 

Types of green screen photo booths.

With green screen this boils down to two different types of photo booths that can do green screen reliably.

Open air – these types of booths are setup similar to a studio and can fit more people into a photo. Our 8 ft x 8ft green screen background has taken pictures of groups up to 19 people.

Enclosed booth – these are the more traditional type photo booths. Similar to when you have your passport or drivers license photo taken.