How Long should you hire a photo booth for?

This has to be one of the most common questions we are ask when new clients are looking to book a photo booth. There are some important factors which will dictate how long is best for your event. Just like most things in life a too much of something can also be a bad thing.

It is much better in our eyes for you to get the best value for money. You want to have the photo booth busy most of the time, instead of busy for the first 3 hours and dormant for the last two.

Factors to think about:

Number of guests – the more people you have the longer you will need.

Location of the photo booth – is it easy for your guests to find the photo booth

Features – green screen, unlimited prints, large selection of props are all factors which will increase the entertainment level.

Start time – this plays a big factor in how popular your photo booth will be.

Type of event – in addition to the number of guests the type of event your having also plays a role in how how long you need. For example weddings are typically 3-4 hours and birthday parties are 2-3

Number of guestsOn average each session lasts approx 2-5 minutes this includes the guests choosing props, choosing a background, applying any personal touches they want and signing your guest book.
Location of the photo boothIf you photo booth is located out of sight or in a different room. You want to make sure the attendant(s) promote the booth as much as possible. Speaking with the DJ and encouraging your guests to take photos.
FeaturesFeatures like filters, green screen backgrounds, lots of props all add to the entertainment factor. If the photo booth is unappealing to your guests it won’t be used much.
Start timeFrom our experience for most events its better to have the photo booth start 20-30 minutes after your event. For weddings its better to start the photo booth after cake cutting and the first dance.
Type of eventSmall events with 25 guests or less get more value for money with a 2 hour event. Weddings & birthdays with 50 – 100 guests are better suited to 2/3 hours.

Please note: it takes approximately 60 minutes to setup a photo booth. Ensure the provider you choose does not take setup time out of your hire.

For example you have a 3 hour hire starting from 7pm, your photo booth supplier should arrive for 6:00pm to start setting up. Your 3 hours should start from 7pm.

Example time for weddings & birthdays.

GuestsLocationFeaturesStart TimeIdeal Length
50 – 100Highly visibleGreen screen, unlimited prints, large selection of props.7:30 – 8:00pm2/3 hours
100 – 200Highly visibleGreen screen, unlimited prints, large selection of props.7:30 – 8:00pm3/4 hours
200+Highly visibleGreen screen, unlimited prints, large selection of props.7:30 – 8:00pm3/4 + hours